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Thanking community pharmacies

It’s important during these difficult times with Covid-19, to take stock and be thankful for those that have been on the front lines since day one. The local pharmacist is an often unsung hero of the current crisis...

The new charac App
New medicine management service
Community pharmacies

Not only have contractors and their teams managed to maintain service delivery levels through the difficulties of operating through a pandemic, but they have also become the first line in healthcare...

Digitalising pharmacies

Tech start-up Charac has embarked on a mission to digitise the UK’s £12 billion community pharmacy sector. The company believes that a holistic approach and rapid digitisation will help independent...

Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccines are one of the most effective measures the NHS has in reducing pressures on Vital NHS services such as A&E departments, GP’s, walk in centres etc. As we are all too painfully...

Erectile Dysfunction

It’s a much more common personal issue than many men would like to believe and there are many reasons why it happens, both physical and state of mind related. As with any other ...

Mental Health

Our normal lives have been interrupted. With the lockdowns, quarantines and restrictions, it’s all a bit uncertain. Some of us have lost our jobs or been forced to work from home....

Covid-19 vaccine myths

In the last year we’ve seen several Covid-19 vaccines approved for use across the globe. Along with the rollout of these vaccines has come much misinformation and fear.  The falsehoods have led..

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