Manage your consultation bookings with Charac

Ensure more NHS & Private consultations revenue with our Consultation module!

  1. Remind patients to come in for checkups; Blood sugar, Blood pressure, asthma reviews etc.
  2. Send consultation requests to Patients
  3. Book Vaccination clinics and send out the appointments – don’t wait for them to come to you!
  4. Built-in video platform allows you to conduct consultations easily from anywhere
  5. Finally understand the value of your patients and learn how to serve them better!

Total Fees £ 171.70
Pharmacy Profits £ 1,848.30

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How We Set Up For Your Pharmacy

1. Your Pharmacy staff get personalised training from the Charac team

2. The Charac Team set up all your services and connect your websites to the App for a seamless patient journey

3. Patients start engaging with your new patient app/website – via NHS Login & Email.

4. You start to receive prescription orders and consultation bookings – your phone calls decrease and your revenue starts to increase

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