Erectile Dysfunction – It Happens.

It’s a much more common personal issue than many men would like to believe and there are many reasons why it happens, both physical and state of mind related. As with any other health concerns specialist advice is best sought sooner rather than later.

Besides being a concern for sexual well being and reproductive health, erectile dysfunction can be an indicator of other health issues. For many men encountering this issue for the first time it can be quite stressful for a variety of reasons – perceived peer pressure or potential disappointment of a loved one for example.

Also there is the misconception that this is a problem that comes with middle or more advanced age. A recent King’s College London study estimated that up to half of men under 50 had experienced erectile dysfunction (ED). Additionally, researchers estimated 30% are predicted to experience ED before they turn 30. These rates have noticeably doubled over the past 25 years.

The question is therefore, what can be done about it. Or more importantly, what can you do about it when it affects you. Well, the first step is simply to seek qualified help. As private and personal as the issue is, it can be hard to talk about. Of course your GP is always there for you, but that’s not your only avenue of approach.

It is worth remembering that pharmacists aren’t just there to dispense prescriptions. They are recognised primary care providers. So your local pharmacist is well placed to assist you, and arrange a private and confidential consultation to diagnose the problem, discuss potential treatment plans and get you set in the right direction.They are either able to prescribe medications through Patient group directives or utilising 2nd party prescribing services such as PharmaDoc to ensure you get the treatments you need, stress free.

Also today, thanks to systems like Charac you can readily connect online with your local pharmacists from the comfort of your own home, booking a discrete online consultation at a time that suits you.

Together with Charac and your local pharmacist, managing Erectile Dysfunction is much simpler and more confidential than ever before. So if you have any concerns contact your local pharmacist right away.

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