How early can I order my NHS prescription?

Running out of medication can be extremely dangerous for those who take their medications on a daily basis. It’s a common problem for many people, but the good news is that there are ways to avoid it. Today you can utilise a digital app like Charac that allows you to order your prescription seamlessly with your local community pharmacy and keep track of its journey. You can also set up reminders to order your NHS prescriptions so you won’t run out of medication.

How early can I order my NHS prescription?

You can order your NHS prescription up to 7 days before your medication runs out. This allows enough time for the GP to approve your prescription request and for the pharmacy to process your order and have it ready for you. Ordering early helps avoid any delays or issues in obtaining your medication on time.

You can utilise digital app, like Charac, to order your NHS prescription seamlessly with your local community pharmacy

Order your NHS prescription easily and conveniently with Charac, a digital app that allows you to order from the comfort of your home. With Charac, you can order up to 10 days before your current medication supply runs out. Once ordered, your local community pharmacy will be notified to prepare your prescription for pick-up or delivery. Say goodbye to ordering NHS prescriptions manually and waiting in long queues to get your medication.

Where can I check my prescription status?

You can easily check your prescription status using digital apps like Charac. Stay informed about the progress and status of your prescription by tracking its journey through user-friendly platforms. With Charac, you can conveniently access updates on your prescription’s status and be notified of any delays or changes.

With Charac, you will receive notifications to your mobile phone of each step of your prescription’s journey

Stay informed throughout your prescription’s journey with convenient mobile notifications from the Charac app. Get real-time updates on the progress of your prescription and receive notifications for every step, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Your local pharmacist will also let you know if there is a delay in your medication

Your local pharmacist can inform you of any issues or delays with your medication from Charac. This way, you won’t have to keep calling your pharmacist for updates on your prescription.

What happens if I need my medication earlier than this?

If you require your medication earlier than the usual ordering time, consult your local community pharmacist for potential options. Communicate with them about the need for early access to medication and discuss if they can prioritise your prescription based on stock availability.

Next time, you can set a reminder on Charac to order your prescriptions in advance

To ensure timely delivery, set reminders on the Charac app to order prescriptions ahead of time. By using Charac, you can manage your prescription ordering process more efficiently and avoid any unnecessary delays.


In conclusion, it is advised to order your NHS prescription at least 7 days before you run out of medication. This allows for any delays in processing and ensures that you will receive your medication in time. With the help of digital apps like Charac, ordering your NHS prescription has become seamless and convenient. Not only can you order your prescription through the app, but you can also track its journey and receive notifications at each step. If you ever need your medication earlier than expected, you can speak to your local community pharmacist who may be able to prioritise your prescription. Setting a reminder on the Charac app for future orders can help you stay on top of your medication needs.

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