How to Target Patients for Your Community Pharmacy

As a community pharmacy, you play an important role in the healthcare system. You provide essential services to the local community, but how do you make sure that your services are reaching those who need them the most? And how do we make sure that patients are aware of the services offered at their local community pharmacy? Most importantly, how can your pharmacy attract and retain patients in today’s competitive market by leveraging innovation and technology?

Understanding the UK’s Community Pharmacy Landscape

Pharmacies play a vital role in local communities, serving as trusted healthcare providers. Beyond simply dispensing medications, community pharmacies offer a diverse range of services. In the UK, community pharmacies have become an integral part of the primary healthcare landscape, providing easy access to repeat prescriptions and acting as a bridge between patients and their GPs. These pharmacies are staffed by qualified clinicians who can provide valuable advice and support to patients. Being deeply rooted in the local community, they understand the unique needs and challenges of the patients they serve and have the capability to provide immediate service for their patients.

Importance of online presence

Establishing an online presence is paramount for community pharmacies to expand their reach and connect with a broader audience. Having a well-designed website enables patients to easily access information about the pharmacy’s services and operating hours. Embracing social media platforms not only helps in building trust but also allows for active engagement with the local community. Moreover, offering the convenience of online appointment booking enhances the patient experience and strengthens their engagement. More community pharmacies are adopting pharmacy apps to be more accessible to their patients. By incorporating these digital solutions, community pharmacies can effectively establish their presence and cater to the evolving needs of their patients.

Leveraging social media and app to build trust

Social media platforms and the internet provide valuable opportunities for community pharmacies to connect with patients in meaningful ways. By using social media, pharmacies can showcase their services and engage with patients, establishing a sense of trust and credibility. Online reviews and testimonials from satisfied patients serve as powerful tools for building trust in the community. Sharing educational content on health topics further solidifies the pharmacy’s reputation as a reliable source of information. Additionally, any channel of communication, whether it’s through an app or email marketing, can effectively increase patient experience and strengthen the bond with the pharmacy.

Being accessible online for your target patients

Providing an online NHS prescription ordering system and tracked delivery options simplifies the patient management process. With this service, patients can conveniently order their repeat prescriptions from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, offering medication delivery services ensures that patients who are unable to visit the pharmacy in person still have access to their necessary medications. Implementing patient management software streamlines workflow and improves efficiency within the pharmacy. By utilising automation tools for tasks like appointment scheduling, community pharmacies can reduce administrative burdens and focus more on patient care. Ensuring patient data privacy and security is of utmost importance when offering online services, safeguarding the trust of patients

Online NHS prescriptions ordering and delivery options

Enabling the convenience of online prescription ordering allows patients to conveniently submit their prescription requests without visiting the pharmacy physically. This saves time and effort for patients, especially those with mobility issues. To ensure prompt and secure medication delivery, partnering with reliable delivery services like Royal Mail is crucial. Simplifying the process for patients to provide their delivery address ensures accurate and timely delivery. Additionally, providing clear instructions for prescription collection or home delivery increases patient satisfaction. By offering online prescriptions ordering and delivery options, community pharmacies can enhance the overall patient experience.

Enhancing patient experience digitally

Implementing digital tools like patient portals allows patients to easily access their health records and medication information. Online consultations or telehealth services offer convenient healthcare options for patients, especially those who may have difficulty visiting the pharmacy in person. Mobile apps that provide medication reminders and adherence support contribute to improved patient outcomes. Additionally, offering online access to educational resources and self-care information empowers patients to actively participate in their own well-being. By utilising technology to streamline administrative tasks, pharmacists can allocate more time and attention to providing quality patient care.

Promoting services that are no longer available at the GP

Most of the time customers are still not aware of the range of services available at their local pharmacy. In fact, only 2 in 10 customers know the services offered at their local pharmacy (Charac customer survey, 2023). Therefore, to get more consultations booked in the pharmacy, you need to promote the services available first. This is where digital marketing comes in. Other than putting up posters in the pharmacy, you can utilise social media marketing and paid digital marketing to make sure your pharmacy is visible when a customer is looking for ‘flu vaccination near me’.

Choosing the right digital solution for your pharmacy

When selecting a digital solution for your pharmacy, it is crucial to assess your specific needs and goals. Consider factors such as ease of use, integration capabilities, and customer support. Thorough research and recommendations from other pharmacy owners can help inform your decision. It is essential to prioritise data security and compliance with relevant regulations. Regularly evaluating the effectiveness of your chosen digital solution and making necessary adjustments will ensure optimal results. If you have a strong brand recognition from your customers, you might consider having a bespoke whitelabel app built for your pharmacy.


To successfully target patients for your community pharmacy, it is crucial to understand the landscape and adapt to the changing times. Establishing an online presence and leveraging social media platforms can help build trust and reach a wider audience. Make your pharmacy accessible online by offering services such as online prescription ordering and delivery options to cater to the needs of your target patients. Enhancing the patient experience digitally is another key aspect. By building strong relationships with your customers, you can create a loyal customer base. Choose the right digital solution that aligns with your pharmacy’s goals and objectives. With these strategies in place, you can effectively target patients and grow your community pharmacy business.

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