Save Money and Time on Delivery Costs and Operational Processes within Pharmacy

Find out how this independent pharmacy managed to save 30% of costs every month.

About the pharmacy

This independent pharmacy is based in South London. This pharmacy does thousands of prescriptions every month along with various private services offered in the pharmacy. With the growing number of patients and prescriptions they need to do, pharmacists spend more time answering phone calls about prescriptions and pick-up timing from patients. More and more patients also demand a prescription delivery service, which was very costly for this independent pharmacy with their previous delivery partner.

Our solution

Charac offers an omnichannel solution that gives pharmacies a holistic solution: a patient app and a pharmacy dashboard. This pharmacy chose three of our four modules as these are the three main pain points that needed to be addressed. On January 2023, the pharmacy went live on Charac’s platform with the consultation module, Charac Local to Local service powered by Royal Mail, and the marketing module. Since then, this independent pharmacy has been leading the prescription delivery service on our platform, with the number of items delivered doubling every month.

How is your experience with Charac so far?

‘’Pricing is very good and I’m able to save 30% on delivery costs every month. The dashboard is easy to use and our patients can book consultations easily now. When patients order NHS prescriptions, they get notifications too so they don’t need to call the pharmacy anymore’’.

What is the most significant benefit to your pharmacy from using Charac?

‘’How cost-effective it is, definitely. The platform and the module are very affordable compared to others and we have all the functionalities we need in one place. Abbas (Charac’s pharmacy partner executive) is great, he’s helped me implement the platform and sort out any issues I might have, he always gets to the bottom of it right away’’.

We are very proud to have this independent pharmacy thriving on our platform. Want to grow your pharmacy business with us? Book a call with our team to see how we can benefit your pharmacy.

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