Self-pay diagnostics in community pharmacy

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged people to take more control of their health as a study by NielsenIQ found 48% of global consumers make proactive health and wellness choices since the pandemic started. This new habit of health-conscious consumers can be the driving force for self-pay diagnostic testing at community pharmacies.

Diagnostic testing has a significant influence on healthcare management and service, yet the industry is undervalued and under-utilised. Resulting in 1.45 million patients waiting for a diagnostic test in December 2021 due to a lack of capacity and backlogs. There is a clear urgent need of expanding the diagnostic providers to release the pressure off NHS capacity.

With the increasing breadth of services offered by pharmacists, bringing diagnostic tests to community pharmacies can be an opportunity for pharmacists to increase their patient healthcare management, create a new sustainable stream of revenue, and take off the pressure on NHS at the same time. 

Charac is exploring the growth of the self-pay health market for chronic illness management and health screening. We’re interested in your thoughts and invite you to participate in a short survey that explores diagnostic testing and self-pay health management, and how equipped pharmacies are to handle this. 


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