It’s important during these difficult times with Covid-19, to take stock and be thankful for those that have been on the front lines since day one. The local pharmacist is an often unsung hero of the current crisis. We take our prescription, walk on down the road and don’t look back. Sometimes, without even as much as a “thank you.” It’s easy to take those we rely on for granted. So today, we take a moment to thank Britain’s local pharmacists. 

The local pharmacist has kept his or her shop open from day one. They’ve offered critical consults to those in need, adapted to ever changing circumstance and soldiered on. Life saving medicines have continued to go out to our vulnerable citizenry throughout. Through continued delivery of their essential services, they have kept the gears of the healthcare system churning and thriving. 

Most people go about their day unaware of the extended list of services offered by a local pharmacist.  Besides your repeat prescriptions, they offer new medicine management, emergency prescriptions, vaccinations and all sorts of consults. These consults can range from sexual health information to diabetes health checks. Without these medical professionals offering them in a safe local setting the congestion at your GPs office would be unbearable. 

Next time you visit your local pharmacist, take a moment to thank them for their efforts. It’s an often thankless profession and as the saying goes, “politeness costs nothing.” The way they have been, and continue to aid us in this fight against Covid-19 is invaluable. Continue to support your local pharmacist and help keep this vital part of our healthcare system around. From all of us here at the Charac team, “Thank you!”