Welcome To The New Charac App

Our new mobile app is changing the way you access your local pharmacy. You can now access your local pharmacist from anywhere. Charac lets you control your pharmacy experience from your smartphone instead of making burdensome calls and visits around town. No more paper trails and lengthy phone calls as you fill those repeat prescriptions.

We’ve done more than slim down an otherwise inconvenient process. Charac has brought your local pharmacy into the digital age. With Charac you get more than just repeat prescriptions. Everything from repeat prescriptions, sexual health advice and checks, new medicine consults and even more. Having this access in the palm of your hand puts you streets ahead.

Stop living in the past when it comes to how you deal with your local pharmacy. Be the first to get this app. Click the button below and register with Charac.

Be The First To Get The App

Your Pharmacy In Your Phone.

Repeat Prescriptions

The process of repeat prescriptions is streamlined and simplified. Simply click a few buttons and we’ll let you know when your prescription is ready.

Video Consultations

Need to speak to a pharmacist? Charac can arrange video consultations with your local pharmacist. You can do it all from the convenience and privacy of the Charac mobile app.

Manage Your Family

Have a loved one you look after?

You can manage all of your family’s and loved ones' pharmaceutical needs as well. Charac lets you do this from anywhere.

Why Is Charac So Important?

We make managing your family’s pharmacy needs simple and efficient. Often under-utilised, your local pharmacy is a cornerstone of your healthcare needs.
We take your local pharmacy and put it in your phone.Think about how much time this app can save you. It’s your time. You deserve to keep it for yourself and your family. Step into the future with us and register today.


After the recent events of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s time to take charge of your family’s pharmacy needs. Charac is offering a more private and confidential process. 2021 is the year to start managing your family’s pharmacy needs more efficiently.


Primary Care Foundation and NHS Alliance estimate that 18 million GP consults could be transferred to a community pharmacist.*

The local pharmacist is a truly under-utilised resource.

*Source, PSNC(website)

Online Booking

Everything you need to book with your pharmacist can now be booked in the app. Simply log in to the app, scroll down and book yourself the appointment time that suits you.

Easy Account Management & Record Keeping

Before you had to keep track of old prescriptions and records. Now Charac does it all. Any and everything you need is neatly organised at your fingertips.

Online Help Desk

If you have any trouble navigating the app, there will be an online help desk to assist you. It can be frustrating trying to learn the functions of a new app. We fully understand and we’ll be there to help.

Messaging Service

Need to get a message to your local pharmacist? Charac can do that too with in app direct messages.


Be The FIRST To Get The APP

    The new Charac mobile app is the future of pharmacy access. Be the first to step out of the past and into the future of how you interact with your local pharmacy. Save yourself time, energy and money. You and your loved ones health is important. Don’t delay, put your local pharmacy in your phone now. Simply click the button and register today.


    Never Miss a Thing


    In addition to all of this access and convenience, we offer information. We will keep you informed of all the changes and opportunities available to you through your pharmacy. Our goal is to improve your healthcare experience. How informed and knowledgeable you are is a large part of that experience. Register and stay informed with Charac today!