Connecting Charac to your GP

To manage your prescriptions through Charac you first need to connect the app to your GP. It’s a simple process, and allows your medicine list to be automatically updated in line with your GP surgery.

To set this up you need you need to request the following from your GP:

Linkage Key

Account ID

What is a Linkage Key and Account ID?

Linkage Keys and Account IDs are similar to your NHS number. They are unique codes that the NHS uses to identify and protect your medical records online. You can request these codes yourself to use online medical services like Charac.

How to request your Linkage Key and Account ID

To request your linkage Key and Account ID you’ll need to get in touch with your GP and request them. Most GP’s are happy to process these requests online via email. Below you can find a sample email to send your own GP and request yours.

Sample Email


I would like to request my Linkage Key and Account ID to access online services.

My details are:

  • Name:
  • Date of birth:
  • Address:


What Next?

Your GP will then send your Linkage Key and Account ID in an email or a letter to your house. Now simply follow the prompts to enter these details into Charac and you can begin managing your prescriptions from anywhere.

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